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It was calm, peaceful and quiet. Just the way Zeth, or as others called him "Z", liked it. Outside his house, Z sat on the green grass, near an oak tree, with his eyes shut softly. A cool, gentle breeze softly blew through the tree, leaves calmly rattled. Meditating was very relaxing for him. This was probably the only thing he could do to temporarily escape reality.

Suddenly, Z heard some soft thuds behind him. His eyes calmly opened up, revealing ruby red eyes. He turned to look over his shoulder, but saw nobody there. He knew somebody was here though. With a grunt, Z stood up. He shifted his eyes from side to side, searching for the intruder.

Suddenly, Z swore he heard somebody laugh. This laugh was very familiar to him. He immediately knew who it was.

"Come out now, Axel," Z commanded, shutting his eyes and sighed. The chuckling ceased. Axel knew he was caught. The white armadillo popped out from behind a tree and looked at Z, with a smile on his face.

"Man Z, I can never sneak up on you," Axel sighed out, a mock look of disappointment showed up on his face. Z opened his eyes and rolled them.

"Don't worry though," Axel continued to talk, "I'll try again next time."

"You can never sneak up on matter how many times you try," Z stated calmly, crossing his arms over his chest. Axel just smirked, staring deeply into Z's eyes. Z avoided his eyes contact, his gaze traveled to the ground. A dark red color formed on Z's face.

'Why is he staring at me like that?' Z thought to himself.

As Z blushed even more, Axel chuckled.

"Z, your face is red," Axel pointed out the obvious, obviously on purpose. "Why is that?"

Axel smiled and laughed. He thought Z looked cute like this. Z, however, thought Axel was rather irritating right now, but he couldn't help but to like having him around. The teal chameleon liked having him around...sometimes.

"Alright," Axel announced, bringing Z out of his thoughts about the white armadillo, "I'm gonna go! See ya later, Z!"

In a blink of an eye, Axel dashed away, disappearing in the forest. Z blinked before shutting his eyes completely. He was going to continue meditating, before Axel came along and ruined that for him, but he couldn't. As he shut his eyes, he found them opening.

His eyes gazed at some random trees. His mind started to think about that handsome, white armadillo. He couldn't stop thinking about his beautiful ocean blue eyes, his peach colored chest, his go-lucky attitude.

Actually, his cheerful attitude was kind off a turn off for Z, but hey...nobody can be perfect, right? Axel can annoy Z so much sometimes, yet he can make him so happy at the same time. He doesn't get it. How can he feel like this around Axel? The confused chameleon sighed and shook his head.

Z was so occupied in his thoughts, he didn't hear someone sneaking up on him. A familiar looking armadillo suddenly pounced on Z, leaving Z shocked and startled. Z and Axel's noses were touching each other, they could feel their hot breath tickle them, both of their hearts were beating furiously, especially Z's.

"A-Axel?" Z stuttered, "What the hell!?"

"What?" Axel chuckled lightly, "Did I scare you?"

Z's red eyes bored into Axel's blue eyes. Z deleted Axel's question and looked away from his eyes. Suddenly, that cocky, little grin, that Z hated so much, showed up on Axel's face.

"Ha! I scared you, didn't I?" Axel beamed, "And you said I could never sneak up on you no matter how many times I tried."

"But...that wasn't fair. I was thinking." Z exclaimed. Axel rolled his eyes.

"Well, aren't you supposed to be on-guard at all times?" Axel asked. Z realized he was right. He was supposed to be on guard at ALL times. Axel removed himself off of Z, leaving Z frowning. The white armadillo got up and started walking away from Z, acting as if he had won first place in a contest.

"Oh, and by the way, what were you thinking about?" Axel called out, still walking on, not turning back.

"Me?" Axel answered quickly before Z had the chance. Axel laughed at his little joke. Once again, he disappeared, leaving Z with his face flushed.

Story trade with :iconshuyintheenigmatic:

Alway wanted to make a short story about these two :) They're just so cute together~ :la:
Yeah, contains mild yaoi so you're been warned :XD:
Hope I got the characters right ;A; I'm horrible at this kind of stuff ><;;;

But enjoy~ :'D

Zeth & Axel (c) :iconshuyintheenigmatic:

Story (c) :icondawnvalentine101:
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September 26, 2012
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